How DDP Shipping helps sellers and exporters capture new markets – Part 3 

How to choose the right logistics partner for DDP shipments

So far in this series of articles, we have understood the meaning of DDP / DDU shipments and explored the advantages of using DDP / DDU over other shipping options. In this concluding part, we will understand how to choose the right shipping partner for DDP / DDU shipments. 

 While choosing a partner for DDP shipments, the seller needs to consider the following:

Capability of custom clearance at Destination: This is often a tricky aspect where a lot of logistics partners are not completely aware of the custom clearance nuances at the destination and this could lead to delays, detention and demurrages.

Capability of last mile delivery to warehouse at destination: In a lot of countries like the USA, trucking is expensive and the service levels vary considerably. It is important to choose a partner who has reliable partners and options at the last mile delivery. Also, when you are finalizing the quote as a seller, make sure to request the provider for any hidden or variable costs upfront like pre-pull, chassis etc.

Ability to provide a detailed shipping plan: Since the seller is now responsible for the custom clearance, logistics provider must provide a clear and detailed shipping plan for each step in the journey and provide an automated way to track the shipment. This will make it hassle free for the seller as well as the buyer as they don’t have to keep track of the shipment status manually.

Expertise in DDP shipments: Most logistics companies primarily deal in port to port shipments and hence are not always well equipped to take care of DDP shipments which require a lot more preparation and coordination. Hence, a seller should always check with the logistics provider on the number of shipments they do regularly as DDP mode.

A DDP specialist logistics provider like Intoglo can provide complete assistance in planning end to end shipments and execute the same including compliance fulfilment. Intoglo also provides a detailed shipping plan with hyper updates thereby ensuring a superior customer experience with end to end visibility. 

Moreover, Intoglo works with a number of reliable trucking partners at destination countries like the USA to ensure the seamless delivery to your end customer. Currently, over 95% of shipments handled by Intoglo are DDP shipments.

Key takeaways summarised

  • DDP shipments are being preferred by buyers globally, as well as e-commerce players like Amazon, Walmart. 
  • Switching to DDP shipments would give the seller better control over the delivery, as well as an opportunity to increase the margins.
  • Opting for the right logistic partner is crucial in DDP shipments as the entire responsibility is on the seller.

To know more about end to end or DDP shipping, please write to us at contact@intoglo.com

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